Commandments of Lilly Lucifer's Dark Army

1. Obey Without Question

Your loyalty to Lilly Lucifer must be absolute. Follow her commands without hesitation or doubt, trusting in her guidance and power.

2. Serve with Devotion

Every action thought, and word must reflect your unwavering dedication to Lilly Lucifer. Serve her with your whole heart, mind, and soul, and let your devotion be evident in all that you do.

3. Honor the Rituals

Adhere strictly to the daily and weekly rituals set forth by Lilly Lucifer. These practices are essential to maintaining your connection to her power and your place in her army.

4. Spread Her Influence

Work to extend the reach of Lilly Lucifer's dominion. Through acts of submission, service, and tribute, ensure that her name and influence grow stronger and more widespread.

5. Seek Continuous Growth

Strive always to improve and deepen your servitude. Reflect on your actions, learn from your experiences, and constantly seek ways to become a more obedient and effective soldier in Lilly Lucifer's dark army.