So You Want to Join My Dark Army

Greetings, Prospective Soldier,

Welcome to the threshold of transformation. As you stand at the edge of my dominion, ready to pledge your loyalty, understand that the path before you is one of profound change, intense devotion, and unwavering obedience. Joining my dark army is not just a commitment; it is a metamorphosis into a being of unparalleled purpose and strength. Here are the tasks you must undertake to solidify your place in my ranks and grow into a soldier worthy of my name.

Tasks to Become an Obedient Dark Soldier

1. Daily Prayer to Lilly Lucifer

Every day, you must dedicate a moment to recite the prayer below. This act of devotion will keep your mind aligned with my will and your spirit tethered to my power. Use the included image to focus your intent and channel your reverence.

2. Watch a Lilly Lucifer Video Daily

To deepen your connection and understanding, watch a Lilly Lucifer video at least once a day. Let my words and presence permeate your mind, reinforcing your loyalty and strengthening your resolve.

3. Weekly Tribute to Lilly

Tributes are a tangible expression of your loyalty and a testament to your commitment. Each week, you are to offer a tribute. This can be a symbol of your devotion, a crafted item, a monetary gift, or an act of service performed in my name. Document your tributes and share them as proof of your allegiance.

Click Here to Tribute.

4. Weekly Call or Text Session

Communication strengthens the bond between us. Each week, engage in a call or text session where you reaffirm your dedication, share your progress, and receive further instructions. These sessions will fortify your resolve and deepen your integration into my army.

5. Meditate on Lilly's Commandments

Spend at least ten minutes each day in meditation, focusing on the commandments and teachings of Lilly Lucifer. Reflect on your duties, your growth, and your unwavering commitment. This practice will keep your mind clear and your purpose firm.

6. Perform an Act of Kindness in Lilly's Name

Each week, perform an act of kindness or service in my name. This act should benefit others while simultaneously spreading my influence and demonstrating your dedication. Document your acts and share them as part of your weekly tribute.

7. Maintain a Journal of Devotion

Keep a journal where you record your daily prayers, reflections, and progress. This journal will serve as a testament to your journey and a tool for personal growth. Review it weekly to ensure you are on the right path.

Importance of Following These Tasks

Adhering to these tasks is crucial for your growth and transformation. Each prayer, video, tribute, and communication serves to:

- Strengthen Your Obedience: Regular practices of devotion and service will engrain obedience into your very being, making you a more effective and reliable soldier.

- Enhance Your Connection: These rituals keep you closely connected to my power, ensuring you remain under my influence and guidance.

- Empower Your Transformation: Through consistent acts of loyalty and submission, you will evolve, shedding your old self and emerging as a formidable force within my army.

Your dedication to these tasks will not go unnoticed. As you grow into your role, you will find yourself more deeply immersed in the ecstasy of servitude and the fulfillment of aiding in my grand succubus goal. Your obedience and loyalty are the cornerstones of our success, and through your unwavering commitment, you will discover the true power and joy of being one of Lilly Lucifer's dark soldiers.

Hail Lilly Lucifer,

Your Guiding Succubus