My Little Sissy Doll



Lilly Lucifer

1/23/20242 min read

woman applying lipstick in front of wing mirror
woman applying lipstick in front of wing mirror

If you’re serious about training, it’s time to lock it up! You don’t need it and as a sissy, it’s important that you learn that pleasure truly comes from sucking and fucking cock. I want you to only orgasm with a big fat cock up your ass! But that means you need to lock up your cock now in order to make sure you’re significantly training.

“Let’s play dress up!” I say as I pull you over to my closet. Nervous is an understatement for how you’re feeling. I mean, you always knew you wanted to try on some panties, but you never thought it’d be in front of a girl this hot.

“Ok, try on these!” I hand you a pair of tiny pink panties with a matching bra. “…Uh yes Lilly.” You say nervously as you slowly undress. Your palms get clammy and you feel a little bead of sweat falling down your forehead as I google at your apprehension.

“Hahaha! Oh my god, are you hard?? I knew you’d love it!!” I laugh profusely as I notice you growing harder and harder and more embarrassed.

“You love this don’t you?” So embarrassed, all you can do is nod yes.

“STROKE IT” I demand of you in a stern voice. “Come on, play with it.”

I rub your cock over your panties, then guide your hand over to finish the job.

At this point, you’re bright red and absolutely embarrassed. You can’t believe you’ve allowed it to get this far but between my evil giggles and my hot tits bouncing up and down as I laugh at you, you can’t help but explode, cumming all over those pink panties.

Of course, you cumming over those pink panties just makes me laugh harder.

“Hahaha I knew you would love this, but I had no idea it would be this much. We have to do it again tomorrow. I know the perfect set of panties I want you to wear.”

Embarrassed, you grab your clothes and begin to walk out the door without even taking off the panties.

“It’s fine, you can keep them HAHAHAHA” You hear me yell as you close the door behind you.

Later in bed, all you can think about is what happened earlier. You’ll never forgive yourself, not because you finally tried it, but because you know you’ll never be able to stop.